10 Productive and Fun skills to develop which decrease stress and cultivate you as an individual.

It is a stressful world which we live in and dealing with all sorts of situations and people can leave us feeling utterly drained and tired at the end of the day.

If you feel you really need a break from your everyday life, if you want to do something different and enjoyable and at the same time aspire to develop a new skill, here are some of the more creative and unique ideas that can fulfill all the longings you have of becoming a happier, wiser, more confident, productive and a better individual in general. Another good thing? There’s little money involved, so you’re go to go. Read on :

1. Learn the First Aid basics.

Knowledge of first aid is one of the most important – and one of the most overlooked – aspect in the life of every single individual who walks this Earth. An emergency can arise at any place and any time and first aid can be the only thing that makes the difference between life and death of the victim.

So, browse the internet for something beneficial for once. Look up how to make a basic first aid kit, the medicines and tools and how to use them. Learn what you should do in various situations of emergency.

All the while knowing that your knowledge can actually save someone’s life out there will give you an immense sense of satisfaction.

2. Clay modelling

Who said only children can play with clay? And anyway, isn’t it true that there is a child in all of us? Or have you given yourself up to become that grumpy, serious, self-important tortoise to be labelled as “mature”?

Clay modelling is one of the most enjoyable activities you could do in your life! Buy a box of colorful clay and mould it this way and that to create anything you want. The squelching and squishing of soft clay in your hands will give you a peculiar sense of satisfaction and relieve that mental tension you are so adept at giving yourself.

3. Learn a Martial Art or other self defense techniques.

This, along with first aid, is probably one of the most important things in your life you’ll thank youself for learning.

Be it taekwondo, karate, ju-jitsu or any of the numerous number of techniques out there – pick one and enroll yourself to learn at least the basics of it thoroughly.

Apart from being a recreation, it will teach you the basics of self defense, which, in a world like today, would come in handy anytime and anywhere, should a situation arise.

4. Knitting

This is my new personal favourite. For those who knit, you will know how knitting strangely helps you sort out your thoughts, increases your focus and gets you in a meditation like state, which can alomst leave you feeling as if you are in a trance.

For those who are skeptical, right now giving amused expressions or saying “it’s what women do”, “I don’t have patience for that kind of stuff” or “I don’t know how to knit”, I would request you to at least try it once.

Knitting is one of the simplest and the most useful skills you can learn. One simple knot and you can knit a whole range of clothes from mufflers to sweaters and socks and so much more.

So, buy two knitting needles (big, fat ones for a start) and a yarn of wool (again, the fat, fluffy one) , get help from a friend who knows how to knit or from a YouTube video, and start creating!

5. Keep a DIY Journal.

Get a diary or a notebook with plain, unruled pages and get to work. For a start, design the cover yourself. Go out and buy craft papers, washi tapes, stickers and colorful pens and start creating a colorful life.

There are thousands of things you can put in you journal including your mood calendar, expenses, wish lists, habit trackers etc. The best thing is that you don’t have to be overtly artistic. You just have to be yourself because it is YOUR journal and no one is going to be seeing it.

But if you do want it to be pretty, you can learn calligraphy (Voila! One more skill learnt!😊) and have the best journal in the world!

Journaling will help you set your life in order, enhace you creativity and help calm you down in a creative way. It’s all a win win in the end.

6.Learn about make-up and skincare.

No – this isn’t only for the girls. The art if make-up, today, is a basic skill that everyone, be it a woman or a man, must know. It’s not at all about foundations and lipsticks. It’s simply about knowing how to emhance certain features you might like about yourself and putting your best foot forward.

Make-up enhances your confidence. When you know you look good, confidence comes easily from within.

For those who wouldn’t budge from the notion that putting make-up on is superficial & done by people who are not comfortable in their own skin – you can learn how to improve your skin quality and be even more comfortable in it. Skin is the largest organ of the the body and a healthy skin represents a healthy individual.

Look up natural ways to take care of your skin. As an example, there are recipies of numerous masks on the internet, the ingredients of which can be found in your kitchen.

So, open up your YouTube and watch some of the numerous videos on makeup and skincare. You’ll be having fun and learning something new at the same time!

7. Learn to dress up properly.

Ours is a casual world with more focus on “being ourselves” and “not caring about what others think”. It’s all well and good, but if we also paid equal importance to “improving ourselves”, the world would be so much better a place to live in! And where better to start than improving the way we present ourselves?

T-shirts and shorts are all good and nice, but each occasion demands a different kind of dress up. Look up on basic requirements of a wardrobe, learn to color code and see how you can improvise with what you already have.

Learn to dress up appropriately for different occasions. You don’t have to spend thousands to improve your wardrobe. If you do want a complete makeover, start slowly and save for it. Big changes take time.

Learning to dress up properly is an enjoyable activity and a good outfit will change how you you feel about yourself, which will reflect on your personality and make you a more respectable person on the whole – in your own eyes and that of others’.

8. Choose an outdoor sport – and devote time to it.

Be it football, basketball, baseball, cricket, swimming, athletics or any other sport out there. Choose one and learn it thoroughly. If you have never played any, go out and see where you can be coached and taught any sport of your choice. At the least, join the gym.

The goal is to participate in a vigorous exercise even if it’s only for half an hour.

You can channel all your stress and frustrations out while you play, and you’ll be left feeling happy and satisfied by the time you’re done.

Additionally, your body shape and posture will improve and you’ll feel more confident about yourself.

9. Get DIY-ing

DIY activities are creative and stress relieving affairs that at the same time can help you save loads of money if you do them right! You can make bookmarks, dreamcatchers, home decor, diaries, lamps. . .basically an infinite number of things yourself, even your own make-up and skin care products that you can completely trust because hey! they were made by you.

So, browse the internet, open YouTube and see what interests you and what you can make. My personal favourite YouTube channel for DIY is sarabeautycorner [same names are a complete conincindence :)]. She has various amazing DIY ideas, food hacks , morning and night routines, life hacks and the videos are lively, high definition and full of color.

Below is a link to one of her numerous videos. See if you like it!πŸ˜‰

10. Cultivate Reading Habits.

Reading a book has all advantages and no disadvantage. Excess of anything might be bad, but reading is an exception here (as long as you’re physically active & on a good diet). Reading takes you to a different realm, helping you escape reality, which, believe it or not, can help you calm down tremendously.

For those who say they don’t have the patience for reading, you simply haven’t found the right book! Reading is not an inborn habit. It is slowly cultivated. As an additional benefit, reading greatly enhances your vocabulary, helping you to express yourself more clearly and accurately, making you come across as a more cultivated individual.

So go ahead, start with a book with big lettering and spacing if need be, but atleast give it a try. Reading is the most enjoyable activity you would do in your life – of you have the right book by your side!

That’s all for now! I hope you liked the post and found some good ideas to make your life a more cheerful one! Input good things in your life and the output life gives you will always be sweet. If you liked the post, please like and share. See you soon! Until then, Au revoir!😊

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  1. This post accounts for all the activities that affects and nurtures you not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too. Great job putting all of them together. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


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