How to live the life of your dreams!

So. . .here you are. You’re somehow trying to live through the day and you just can’t get rid of the feeling that you’re doing nothing big, nothing life changing, world altering. There are so many people out there, hardly any age but world famous, changing the world, earning fame, already living the life most only dream of. And. . .here you are. Still trying to make sense of what is happening in your life and where you went wrong.

Why can’t you just be more like those people. . .doing something productive, trying something new, making a difference, eating good food and travelling to new places? All those people Instagramming photos of their beautiful lives full of sunshine and happiness? Why can’t your life be as joyous, as fulfilling as their’s?

Have you ever found asking yourself this? Because I certainly did.

In turn I realized it was time I took a step back and for once observed my life rather than took part in it. Introspection and reflection are important for anyone wanting to lead a fulfilling life. And what happened? I got exactly the answers I was looking for and I decided to share them with you, in case you are going through a similar crisis that I went through.

So, here are some things you can do to go ahead and make the most out of your 20s and take control of your life for the better:

1. Decide firmly to change your life – TODAY. No, I’m not talking about “Today is the last day I’m living like this. Tomorrow I’m going to go out there & seize the world.” Yesterday was the day you were your past self. Today you are different. Today is going to be the day you start living the life you want. State it to yourself. And FIRMLY.

2. Think – REALLY think about what kind of life you want. Write all the major points down. Do you want to own a cottage in the middle of the forest? Or a fancy apartment in NYC? Do you want to travel the world? Or become famous artist or a writer? Absolutely nothing is impossible if you really have the will for it. Give yourself some time. Sit down and really think about what kind of life you want to live. You attract what you want so this is serious.

3. Stop procrastinating. Now this is one of the biggest mistakes I was making. Or maybe certainly the biggest. You will never get work done if you delay it. You want to do something? Close this post, go do it, and come back and read it later. Put your phone down and get work done. You want to live your life to its fullest. Not gonna happen if you stay glued to the screen.

4. Change at least one thing about your look. It could be getting a different haircut, a different shade of hair color, or a complete makeover including how you dress up. You will do different when you feel different.

5. Do that change you’ve been meaning to do for sometime now. Is it trying a new look? Or putting on that tapestry on the wall? Did you want to rearrange your room a bit? A change as minor as lighting up a candle everyday or going out for a stroll can have a major change on your mental health and your life as a whole.

6. Make major changes in your diet. Colas and burgers and all that junk you’ve been shoving down your throat is going to do nothing but make you even lazier. You need to dramatically lessen all those foods giving you empty calories. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and take food that contains fiber. Green tea and lime water are your best friends. Throw away all that junk in your fridge RIGHT NOW, and go out and buy some healthy food. You will be surprised at how light you will feel by the end of the week!

7. Clean your home (or your hostel room) thoroughly. No matter how convinient staying messy seems, the clutter in your room, under your bed, inside your closet, on your bed, all attracts negative chi. So clean up. Now. And you will really be surprised how organized your mind will feel after you organize your space. In turn, an organized mind is a powerhouse for inspirational ideas and you’ll be ready to rock. As without, so within.

8. Start working towards at least one major goal in life. Want that dream house? Start saving today. Want to be a famous artist? Go out, get some paint, watch some videos and get going. Want to travel the world? Save up, or look for those jobs that pay you for going places. In short, do not let your dreams be dreams. Your wishes won’t come true if you don’t work for them to.

9. Remember: Small steps MATTER. People have set up entire empires from a thousand bucks. They started small. They are where they are because they believed that they could. Had they been like “meh! What can a thousand bucks do? It’s just wishful thinking”, they would have been no different than millions of other people who gave up and are now frustrated with their lives. So start. No matter how small it is, take that biggest step of your life, of starting toward fulfilling your dream. Buy paints, save for that guitar, for that house, for that dream destination.

10. Spend some money. Yeah I know it sounds paradoxical. “Save up!” I say on one hand and “Spend!” on the other. But you’ll need some basic supplies if you want to take control of your life. A few examples being a journal or a diary and some colored pens so you can keep track of your life and other things and basically keep things organized, a bulletin board to stick some quotes and pictures to keep you motivated and a list of your goals so you know what you want to focus on etc. Basically, anything to get you on the right track in your life.

11. Spend at least 45 minutes everyday on your favorite hobby. Is it photography? Is it journaling? Or playing basketball? Or learning DIY crafts or cooking or sketching or designing or reading? Whatever it is, no matter how busy your day is or how busy you get, you need to spend a minimum of 45 minutes doing what you love. It decreases your stress level dramatically and would make you more productive. And who knows? You might actually end up making a living out of it! What could be better? P.S : Watching TV, playing videogames or anything that keeps you stuck to that cursed screen is NOT included.

12. Carry a notepad with you wherever you go. Buy a small one for convinience, but make sure to do so. Good ideas come into our minds at the most inappropriate times. You might sit for hours on end hopelessly trying to get an idea about something without an ounce of success. And then you go for grocery shopping and suddenly you get the most brilliant idea you ever got in your life. Yes, you certainly need a notepad for times like these. I have recently started to carry a notepad with me wherever I go. Ideas hardly escape me now, no matter how hard they may try!

13. Maintain a personal diary. Now this one is one of THE most underrated but one of the most efficient methods to get your track on life. Writing in a diary is like talking to your higher self and connecting to the universe. It is not wrongly said that all answers are already there within you. You simply need to listen. A diary helps you do exactly that. Maintain a diary and you will see how organized, efficient and joyful your life becomes, all because you will be in touch with your real self. So get that diary and a cup of hot chocolate at the end of each day, and get started!

14. Get up an hour earlier each day. You will realize how important this is when you see how your entire day changes with that extra hour. You’ll be more relaxed, more productive and more satisfied at the end of the day. That goes with the saying that you still need at least 6 hours of sleep each day. So, change your sleeping time accordingly. And trust me, you need that extra hour!

15. Exercise. No, you’re not going to hear the end of how important exercising is to your body, your mind and your emotional well being. Exercising helps your body destroy all those free radicals that are eating your body from within, leaving you feeling lethargic and lazy. Also giving you them dreaded acne! It’ll help you utilize all the extra calories and body fat leaving you feel good about yourself. So get up and get in shape!

16. Meditate. No, I’m not talking about that boring old meditation where you close your eyes and sit for two hours trying to empty your mind and ending up focusing on exactly what you wanted to forget. There are some amazing guided meditations and visualizations out there. You could try other ways of meditations like focusing on a candle flame. Practice some or any of these and you’ll feel refreshed, energized, calm and in control of your life.

You might think your life is pretty serious and stressful, but it can be azing and glorious if you want it to be. So, go out there, have fun, learn, seize every opportunity, experiment, experience and live a life without boundaries. Because hey, once you lose this period of your life, you’re never getting it back again!

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  1. Amazing and inspiring as always you are. Keep up the good work and have a great time blogging. This is just the starting of a famous blogger. ๐Ÿ™‚

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